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Attention to Detail

Industrial Art & Design mission is to use creative innovation to build functional pieces of art, furniture, and architectural elements that enhance personal experiences. 

Our philosophy balances and an analytic process with an iterative creative and intuitive design cycle. This method creates unique solutions and products that are both functional and beautiful. We strive to present form in a way that accentuates material aesthetics and the inherent beauty of minimized design and function. The design decisions we make are intentional and have meaning on a functional and experiential level. We take the time to understand each project’s unique constraints so we can deliver meaningful solutions.


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Our Facilities

Located in the heart of downtown Ogden, our 2000 sq foot design studio and shop allows us to fabricate and protoype our unique designs. We have a 3-Axis CNC router that allows us to cut 3D shapes out of a variety of materials. We produce photorealistic renderings of all our concepts so we can visualize and make changes before we proceed to fabrication

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