LAuren Argo

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A user centered design specialist, Lauren studied industrial design at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), with a focus on how research influences the creative process. CoFounder and Partner of Industrial Art & Design, Lauren is working to promote the vision and purpose of the Argo House in Ogden. Lauren has served over 12 years as a a highly skilled industrial and information systems designer. She has been published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research where she co-authored a research study at the University of Utah’s Biomedical Informatics department. Lauren has also had several industrial design projects featured in SCAD's yearly design publication. She is passionate about art, design and is always looking for meaningful collaboration opportunities.


James Argo

CoFounder and Partner of Industrial Art & Design, James uses his career as way to express his love of form. He helps others communicate brand and user experience through product innovation and design. Over James' 3 decade career he has developed several internationally acclaimed products for the consumer electronics industry as well as numerous works of abstract art and sculpture featured in galleries and universities. Prior to founding Industrial Art & Design, James served as the principle industrial designer for Krell industries where he brought several designs to market that won multiple “The Best of The Best” awards at the Consumer Electronics Show and Japan's prestigious “Component Of The Year Award” His designs have been featured in national magazines including Stereophile, The Absolute sound and Robb Report. In addition to his full time design career, James works within his community to advocate for a growing creative design community, as a founding member of The Argo House, a design colony.